app-layer-dcerpc-common.h File Reference
#include "app-layer-protos.h"
#include "app-layer-parser.h"
#include "flow.h"
#include "queue.h"
#include "util-byte.h"
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Data Structures

struct  DCERPCHdr_
struct  DCERPCHdrUdp_
struct  DCERPCUuidEntry_
struct  DCERPCBindBindAck_
struct  DCERPCRequest_
struct  DCERPCResponse_
struct  DCERPC_
struct  DCERPCUDP_


#define REQUEST   0
#define PING   1
#define RESPONSE   2
#define FAULT   3
#define WORKING   4
#define NOCALL   5
#define REJECT   6
#define ACK   7
#define CL_CANCEL   8
#define FACK   9
#define CANCEL_ACK   10
#define BIND   11
#define BIND_ACK   12
#define BIND_NAK   13
#define ALTER_CONTEXT   14
#define SHUTDOWN   17
#define CO_CANCEL   18
#define ORPHANED   19
#define RESERVED_01   0x01
#define LASTFRAG   0x02
#define FRAG   0x04
#define NOFACK   0x08
#define MAYBE   0x10
#define IDEMPOTENT   0x20
#define BROADCAST   0x40
#define RESERVED_80   0x80
#define CANCEL_PENDING   0x02
#define RESERVED_04   0x04
#define RESERVED_10   0x10
#define RESERVED_20   0x20
#define RESERVED_40   0x40
#define RESERVED_80   0x80
#define DCERPC_HDR_LEN   16
#define DCERPC_UDP_HDR_LEN   80
#define DCERPC_UUID_ENTRY_FLAG_FF   0x0001
#define PFC_FIRST_FRAG   0x01
#define PFC_LAST_FRAG   0x02
#define PFC_PENDING_CANCEL   0x04
#define PFC_RESERVED_1   0x08
#define PFC_CONC_MPX   0x10
#define PFC_DID_NOT_EXECUTE   0x20
#define PFC_MAYBE   0x40
#define PFC_OBJECT_UUID   0x80
#define CALLED_PADDR_UNKNOWN   3 /* not used */
#define DEFAULT_CONTEXT_NOT_SUPPORTED   5 /* not used */
#define USER_DATA_NOT_READABLE   6 /* not used */
#define NO_PSAP_AVAILABLE   7 /* not used */


typedef struct DCERPCHdr_ DCERPCHdr
typedef struct DCERPCHdrUdp_ DCERPCHdrUdp
typedef struct DCERPCUuidEntry_ DCERPCUuidEntry
typedef struct DCERPCBindBindAck_ DCERPCBindBindAck
typedef struct DCERPCRequest_ DCERPCRequest
typedef struct DCERPCResponse_ DCERPCResponse
typedef struct DCERPC_ DCERPC


void RegisterDCERPCParsers (void)
void DCERPCParserTests (void)
void DCERPCParserRegisterTests (void)
typedef TAILQ_HEAD (DCERPCUuidEntryList_, DCERPCUuidEntry_) DCERPCUuidEntryList
int32_t DCERPCParser (DCERPC *, const uint8_t *, uint32_t)
void hexdump (const void *buf, size_t len)
void printUUID (const char *type, DCERPCUuidEntry *uuid)
 printUUID function used to print UUID, Major and Minor Version Number and if it was Accepted or Rejected in the BIND_ACK. More...

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ACK   7

Definition at line 45 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define ALTER_CONTEXT   14

Definition at line 52 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.



Definition at line 53 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define BIND   11

Definition at line 49 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define BIND_ACK   12

Definition at line 50 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define BIND_NAK   13

Definition at line 51 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define BROADCAST   0x40

Definition at line 87 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define CALLED_PADDR_UNKNOWN   3 /* not used */

Definition at line 232 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define CANCEL_ACK   10

Definition at line 48 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define CANCEL_PENDING   0x02

Definition at line 90 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define CL_CANCEL   8

Definition at line 46 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define CO_CANCEL   18

Definition at line 55 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define DCERPC_HDR_LEN   16

Definition at line 108 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define DCERPC_UDP_HDR_LEN   80

Definition at line 132 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define DCERPC_UUID_ENTRY_FLAG_FF   0x0001

FIRST flag set on the packet that contained this uuid entry

Definition at line 134 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define DEFAULT_CONTEXT_NOT_SUPPORTED   5 /* not used */

Definition at line 234 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define FACK   9

Definition at line 47 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define FAULT   3

Definition at line 41 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define FRAG   0x04

Definition at line 83 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define IDEMPOTENT   0x20

Definition at line 86 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define LASTFRAG   0x02

Definition at line 82 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.



Definition at line 231 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define MAYBE   0x10

Definition at line 85 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define NO_PSAP_AVAILABLE   7 /* not used */

Definition at line 236 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define NOCALL   5

Definition at line 43 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define NOFACK   0x08

Definition at line 84 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define ORPHANED   19

Definition at line 56 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PFC_CONC_MPX   0x10

supports concurrent multiplexing of a single connection.

Definition at line 218 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PFC_DID_NOT_EXECUTE   0x20

only meaningful on ‘fault’ packet; if true, guaranteed call did not execute.

Definition at line 221 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PFC_FIRST_FRAG   0x01

First fragment

Definition at line 211 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PFC_LAST_FRAG   0x02

Last fragment

Definition at line 213 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PFC_MAYBE   0x40

‘maybe’ call semantics requested

Definition at line 223 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PFC_OBJECT_UUID   0x80

if true, a non-nil object UUID was specified in the handle, and is present in the optional object field. If false, the object field is omitted.

Definition at line 227 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PFC_PENDING_CANCEL   0x04

Cancel was pending at sender

Definition at line 215 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PFC_RESERVED_1   0x08

Definition at line 216 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define PING   1

Definition at line 39 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.



Definition at line 233 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.



Definition at line 229 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define REJECT   6

Definition at line 44 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define REQUEST   0

Definition at line 38 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define RESERVED_01   0x01

Definition at line 81 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define RESERVED_04   0x04

Definition at line 91 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define RESERVED_10   0x10

Definition at line 92 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define RESERVED_20   0x20

Definition at line 93 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define RESERVED_40   0x40

Definition at line 94 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.

◆ RESERVED_80 [1/2]

#define RESERVED_80   0x80

Definition at line 95 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.

◆ RESERVED_80 [2/2]

#define RESERVED_80   0x80

Definition at line 95 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define RESPONSE   2

Definition at line 40 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define SHUTDOWN   17

Definition at line 54 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.



Definition at line 230 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define USER_DATA_NOT_READABLE   6 /* not used */

Definition at line 235 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.


#define WORKING   4

Definition at line 42 of file app-layer-dcerpc-common.h.

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct DCERPC_ DCERPC

◆ DCERPCBindBindAck


typedef struct DCERPCHdr_ DCERPCHdr


typedef struct DCERPCHdrUdp_ DCERPCHdrUdp

◆ DCERPCRequest

typedef struct DCERPCRequest_ DCERPCRequest

◆ DCERPCResponse



◆ DCERPCUuidEntry

Function Documentation

◆ DCERPCParser()

int32_t DCERPCParser ( DCERPC dcerpc,
const uint8_t *  input,
uint32_t  input_len 
  • Currently the parser is very generic. Enable target based reassembly.
    • Disable reiniting tailq for mid and last bind/alter_context pdus.
    • Use a PM to search for subsequent 05 00 when we see an inconsistent pdu. This should be done for each platform based on how it handles a condition where it has receives a segment with 2 pdus, while the first pdu in the segment is corrupt.

Definition at line 1458 of file app-layer-dcerpc.c.

References SCEnter, and SCLogDebug.

◆ DCERPCParserRegisterTests()

void DCERPCParserRegisterTests ( void  )

Definition at line 5093 of file app-layer-dcerpc.c.

◆ DCERPCParserTests()

void DCERPCParserTests ( void  )

◆ hexdump()

void hexdump ( const void *  buf,
size_t  len 

Definition at line 83 of file app-layer-dcerpc.c.

References len, and strlcat().

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◆ printUUID()

void printUUID ( const char *  type,
DCERPCUuidEntry uuid 

printUUID function used to print UUID, Major and Minor Version Number and if it was Accepted or Rejected in the BIND_ACK.

Definition at line 146 of file app-layer-dcerpc.c.

References DCERPCUuidEntry_::ctxid, DCERPCUuidEntry_::result, type, DCERPCUuidEntry_::uuid, DCERPCUuidEntry_::version, and DCERPCUuidEntry_::versionminor.

◆ RegisterDCERPCParsers()

void RegisterDCERPCParsers ( void  )

Definition at line 2078 of file app-layer-dcerpc.c.

Referenced by AppLayerParserRegisterProtocolParsers().

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typedef TAILQ_HEAD ( DCERPCUuidEntryList_  ,