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int DetectEngineInspectModbus (ThreadVars *, DetectEngineCtx *de_ctx, DetectEngineThreadCtx *, const Signature *, const SigMatchData *, Flow *, uint8_t, void *, void *, uint64_t)
 Do the content inspection & validation for a signature. More...
void DetectEngineInspectModbusRegisterTests (void)

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int DetectEngineInspectModbus ( ThreadVars tv,
DetectEngineCtx de_ctx,
DetectEngineThreadCtx det_ctx,
const Signature s,
const SigMatchData smd,
Flow f,
uint8_t  flags,
void *  alstate,
void *  txv,
uint64_t  tx_id 

Do the content inspection & validation for a signature.

de_ctxDetection engine context
det_ctxDetection engine thread context
sSignature to inspect ( and sm: SigMatch to inspect)
flagsApp layer flags
alstateApp layer state
txvPointer to Modbus Transaction structure
Return values
0no match or 1 match

Definition at line 199 of file detect-engine-modbus.c.

References DetectModbus_::address, Flow_::alproto, ALPROTO_MODBUS, Flow_::alstate, AppLayerParserParse(), AppLayerParserThreadCtxAlloc(), AppLayerParserThreadCtxFree(), DetectModbus_::category, ModbusTransaction_::category, SigMatchData_::ctx, DetectModbus_::data, DE_QUIET, DetectEngineAppendSig(), DetectEngineCtxFree(), DetectEngineCtxInit(), DetectEngineThreadCtxDeinit(), DetectEngineThreadCtxInit(), FAIL_IF, FAIL_IF_NOT, FAIL_IF_NULL, Flow_::flags, Packet_::flags, DetectEngineCtx_::flags, Packet_::flow, FLOW_DESTROY, FLOW_INITIALIZE, FLOW_IPV4, FLOW_PKT_ESTABLISHED, FLOW_PKT_TOSERVER, Packet_::flowflags, FLOWLOCK_UNLOCK, FLOWLOCK_WRLOCK, DetectModbus_::function, ModbusTransaction_::function, DetectModbusValue_::min, MODBUS_CAT_NONE, MODBUS_FUNC_NONE, MODBUS_TYP_ACCESS_FUNCTION_MASK, MODBUS_TYP_ACCESS_MASK, MODBUS_TYP_NONE, PacketAlertCheck(), PASS, PKT_HAS_FLOW, PKT_STREAM_EST, Flow_::proto, Flow_::protoctx, SCEnter, SCLogDebug, SCReturnInt, DetectEngineCtx_::sig_list, SigGroupBuild(), SigGroupCleanup(), SigInit(), SigMatchSignatures(), STREAM_TOSERVER, StreamTcpFreeConfig(), StreamTcpInitConfig(), DetectModbus_::subfunction, ModbusTransaction_::subFunction, TRUE, DetectModbus_::type, ModbusTransaction_::type, DetectModbus_::unit_id, ModbusTransaction_::unit_id, UTHBuildPacket(), and UTHFreePacket().

Referenced by DetectModbusRegister().

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void DetectEngineInspectModbusRegisterTests ( void  )

Definition at line 1444 of file detect-engine-modbus.c.

References UtRegisterTest().

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