MimeDecConfig Struct Reference

Structure for containing configuration options. More...

#include <util-decode-mime.h>

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Data Fields

bool decode_base64
bool decode_quoted_printable
bool extract_urls
bool log_url_scheme
bool body_md5
uint32_t header_value_depth

Detailed Description

Structure for containing configuration options.

Definition at line 91 of file util-decode-mime.h.

Field Documentation

◆ body_md5

bool MimeDecConfig::body_md5

Compute md5 sum of body

Definition at line 98 of file util-decode-mime.h.

◆ decode_base64

bool MimeDecConfig::decode_base64

Decode base64 bodies

Definition at line 92 of file util-decode-mime.h.

◆ decode_quoted_printable

bool MimeDecConfig::decode_quoted_printable

Decode quoted-printable bodies

Definition at line 93 of file util-decode-mime.h.

◆ extract_urls

bool MimeDecConfig::extract_urls

Extract and store URLs in data structure

Definition at line 94 of file util-decode-mime.h.

◆ extract_urls_schemes

ConfNode* MimeDecConfig::extract_urls_schemes

List of schemes of which to extract urls

Definition at line 95 of file util-decode-mime.h.

◆ header_value_depth

uint32_t MimeDecConfig::header_value_depth

Depth of which to store header values (Default is 2000)

Definition at line 99 of file util-decode-mime.h.

◆ log_url_scheme

bool MimeDecConfig::log_url_scheme

Log the scheme of extracted URLs

Definition at line 97 of file util-decode-mime.h.

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