SshState_ Struct Reference

#include <app-layer-ssh.h>

Collaboration diagram for SshState_:

Data Fields

SshHeader srv_hdr
SshHeader cli_hdr
uint32_t logged
uint64_t detect_flags_ts
uint64_t detect_flags_tc

Detailed Description

structure to store the SSH state values

Definition at line 72 of file app-layer-ssh.h.

Field Documentation

DetectEngineState* SshState_::de_state

Definition at line 82 of file app-layer-ssh.h.

uint64_t SshState_::detect_flags_tc

Definition at line 80 of file app-layer-ssh.h.

uint64_t SshState_::detect_flags_ts

Definition at line 79 of file app-layer-ssh.h.

uint32_t SshState_::logged

Definition at line 77 of file app-layer-ssh.h.

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