decode-erspan.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  ErspanHdr_


struct ErspanHdr_ __attribute__ ((__packed__)) ErspanHdr
 DNP3 link header. More...
void DecodeERSPANConfig (void)
 Functions to decode ERSPAN Type I and II packets. More...


uint16_t ver_vlan
uint16_t flags_spanid
uint32_t padding

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ DecodeERSPANConfig()

void DecodeERSPANConfig ( void  )

Functions to decode ERSPAN Type I and II packets.

Definition at line 53 of file decode-erspan.c.

References ConfGetBool(), and SCLogWarning.

Referenced by DecodeGlobalConfig().

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Variable Documentation

◆ flags_spanid

uint16_t flags_spanid

Definition at line 1 of file decode-erspan.h.

◆ padding

uint32_t padding

Definition at line 2 of file decode-erspan.h.

Referenced by DecodeBase64().

◆ ver_vlan

uint16_t ver_vlan

Definition at line 0 of file decode-erspan.h.