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Data Structures

struct  EthernetHdr_


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_PUP   0x0200 /* PUP protocol */
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_IP   0x0800
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_ARP   0x0806
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_BRIDGE   0x6558 /* transparent ethernet bridge (GRE) */
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_REVARP   0x8035
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_EAPOL   0x888e
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_IPV6   0x86dd
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_IPX   0x8137
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_PPPOE_DISC   0x8863 /* discovery stage */
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_PPPOE_SESS   0x8864 /* session stage */
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_8021AD   0x88a8
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_8021AH   0x88e7
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_8021Q   0x8100
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_LOOP   0x9000
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_8021QINQ   0x9100
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_NSH   0x894F
#define ETHERNET_TYPE_VNTAG   0x8926 /* 802.1Qbh */


struct EthernetHdr_ __attribute__ ((__packed__)) EthernetHdr
 DNP3 link header. More...
void DecodeEthernetRegisterTests (void)
 Registers Ethernet unit tests. More...


uint8_t eth_dst [6]
uint8_t eth_src [6]
uint16_t eth_type

Detailed Description

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Definition at line 28 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_8021AD   0x88a8

Definition at line 44 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_8021AH   0x88e7

Definition at line 45 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_8021Q   0x8100

Definition at line 46 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_8021QINQ   0x9100

Definition at line 48 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_ARP   0x0806

Definition at line 36 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_BRIDGE   0x6558 /* transparent ethernet bridge (GRE) */

Definition at line 37 of file decode-ethernet.h.


0x8903 /* Data center ethernet,
* Cisco Fabric Path */

Definition at line 50 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_EAPOL   0x888e

Definition at line 39 of file decode-ethernet.h.



Definition at line 49 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_IP   0x0800

Definition at line 35 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_IPV6   0x86dd

Definition at line 40 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_IPX   0x8137

Definition at line 41 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_LOOP   0x9000

Definition at line 47 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_NSH   0x894F

Definition at line 51 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_PPPOE_DISC   0x8863 /* discovery stage */

Definition at line 42 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_PPPOE_SESS   0x8864 /* session stage */

Definition at line 43 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_PUP   0x0200 /* PUP protocol */

Definition at line 34 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_REVARP   0x8035

Definition at line 38 of file decode-ethernet.h.


#define ETHERNET_TYPE_VNTAG   0x8926 /* 802.1Qbh */

Definition at line 52 of file decode-ethernet.h.

Function Documentation

◆ DecodeEthernetRegisterTests()

void DecodeEthernetRegisterTests ( void  )

Registers Ethernet unit tests.

More Ethernet tests

Definition at line 176 of file decode-ethernet.c.

References UtRegisterTest().

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Variable Documentation

◆ eth_dst

uint8_t eth_dst[6]

Definition at line 0 of file decode-ethernet.h.

◆ eth_src

uint8_t eth_src[6]

Definition at line 1 of file decode-ethernet.h.

◆ eth_type

uint16_t eth_type

Definition at line 2 of file decode-ethernet.h.

Referenced by DecodeGeneve().