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Data Structures

struct  AFXDPIfaceConfig
struct  AFXDPPacketVars_
 per packet AF_XDP vars More...




typedef struct AFXDPIfaceConfig AFXDPIfaceConfig
typedef struct AFXDPPacketVars_ AFXDPPacketVars
 per packet AF_XDP vars More...


void TmModuleReceiveAFXDPRegister (void)
void TmModuleDecodeAFXDPRegister (void)
 Registration Function for DecodeAFXDP. More...
TmEcode AFXDPQueueProtectionInit (void)
void AFXDPMutexClean (void)

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Definition at line 28 of file source-af-xdp.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ AFXDPIfaceConfig

◆ AFXDPPacketVars

per packet AF_XDP vars

This structure is used by the release data system

Function Documentation

◆ AFXDPMutexClean()

void AFXDPMutexClean ( void  )

◆ AFXDPQueueProtectionInit()

TmEcode AFXDPQueueProtectionInit ( void  )

Referenced by RunModeIdsAFXDPSingle(), and RunModeIdsAFXDPWorkers().

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