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void TmModuleReceiveErfDagRegister (void)
 Register the ERF file receiver (reader) module. More...
void TmModuleDecodeErfDagRegister (void)
 Register the ERF file decoder module. More...

Detailed Description

Endace Technology Limited
Jason MacLulich

Definition in file source-erf-dag.h.

Function Documentation

◆ TmModuleDecodeErfDagRegister()

void TmModuleDecodeErfDagRegister ( void  )

Register the ERF file decoder module.

Definition at line 151 of file source-erf-dag.c.

References TmModule_::cap_flags, DecodeErfDag(), DecodeErfDagThreadDeinit(), DecodeErfDagThreadInit(), TmModule_::flags, TmModule_::Func, TmModule_::name, TmModule_::ThreadDeinit, TmModule_::ThreadExitPrintStats, TmModule_::ThreadInit, TM_FLAG_DECODE_TM, TMM_DECODEERFDAG, and tmm_modules.

Referenced by RegisterAllModules().

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◆ TmModuleReceiveErfDagRegister()

void TmModuleReceiveErfDagRegister ( void  )