AFPPacketVars_ Struct Reference

per packet AF_PACKET vars More...

#include <source-af-packet.h>

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Data Fields

void * relptr
uint8_t copy_mode
uint16_t vlan_tci

Detailed Description

per packet AF_PACKET vars

This structure is used y the release data system and is cleaned up by the AFPV_CLEANUP macro below.

Definition at line 143 of file source-af-packet.h.

Field Documentation

◆ copy_mode

uint8_t AFPPacketVars_::copy_mode

Definition at line 151 of file source-af-packet.h.

◆ mpeer

AFPPeer* AFPPacketVars_::mpeer

Pointer to AFPPeer used for capture. Field is used to be able to do reference counting.

Definition at line 150 of file source-af-packet.h.

◆ peer

AFPPeer* AFPPacketVars_::peer

Sending peer for IPS/TAP mode

Definition at line 146 of file source-af-packet.h.

◆ relptr

void* AFPPacketVars_::relptr

Definition at line 145 of file source-af-packet.h.

◆ vlan_tci

uint16_t AFPPacketVars_::vlan_tci

Definition at line 152 of file source-af-packet.h.

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