AppLayerProtoDetectPMCtx_ Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for AppLayerProtoDetectPMCtx_:

Data Fields

uint16_t max_len
uint16_t min_len
MpmCtx mpm_ctx
AppLayerProtoDetectPMSignature ** map
PatIntId max_pat_id
SigIntId max_sig_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 119 of file app-layer-detect-proto.c.

Field Documentation

AppLayerProtoDetectPMSignature* AppLayerProtoDetectPMCtx_::head

Definition at line 128 of file app-layer-detect-proto.c.

Referenced by AppLayerProtoDetectUnittestCtxRestore().

AppLayerProtoDetectPMSignature** AppLayerProtoDetectPMCtx_::map

Mapping between pattern id and signature. As each signature has a unique pattern with a unique id, we can lookup the signature by the pattern id.

Definition at line 127 of file app-layer-detect-proto.c.

Referenced by AppLayerProtoDetectDeSetup(), and AppLayerProtoDetectUnittestCtxRestore().

uint16_t AppLayerProtoDetectPMCtx_::max_len

Definition at line 120 of file app-layer-detect-proto.c.

PatIntId AppLayerProtoDetectPMCtx_::max_pat_id
SigIntId AppLayerProtoDetectPMCtx_::max_sig_id
uint16_t AppLayerProtoDetectPMCtx_::min_len

Definition at line 121 of file app-layer-detect-proto.c.

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