FtpLineState_ Struct Reference

#include <app-layer-ftp.h>

Data Fields

const uint8_t * buf
uint32_t len
uint8_t delim_len

Detailed Description

used to hold the line state when we have fragmentation.

Definition at line 118 of file app-layer-ftp.h.

Field Documentation

◆ buf

const uint8_t* FtpLineState_::buf

used to indicate if the current_line buffer is a malloced buffer. We use a malloced buffer, if a line is fragmented

Definition at line 121 of file app-layer-ftp.h.

◆ delim_len

uint8_t FtpLineState_::delim_len

Definition at line 123 of file app-layer-ftp.h.

◆ len

uint32_t FtpLineState_::len

Definition at line 122 of file app-layer-ftp.h.

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