HashTable_ Struct Reference

#include <util-hash.h>

Collaboration diagram for HashTable_:

Data Fields

HashTableBucket ** array
uint32_t array_size
uint32_t count
uint32_t(* Hash )(struct HashTable_ *, void *, uint16_t)
char(* Compare )(void *, uint16_t, void *, uint16_t)
void(* Free )(void *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file util-hash.h.

Field Documentation

HashTableBucket** HashTable_::array
char(* HashTable_::Compare) (void *, uint16_t, void *, uint16_t)
void(* HashTable_::Free) (void *)

Definition at line 43 of file util-hash.h.

Referenced by HashListTableInit(), HashTableFree(), HashTableInit(), and HashTableRemove().

uint32_t(* HashTable_::Hash) (struct HashTable_ *, void *, uint16_t)

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