HtpBodyChunk_ Struct Reference

#include <app-layer-htp.h>

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Data Fields

struct HtpBodyChunk_next
int logged
StreamingBufferSegment sbseg

Detailed Description

Struct used to hold chunks of a body on a request

Definition at line 175 of file app-layer-htp.h.

Field Documentation

int HtpBodyChunk_::logged

Definition at line 177 of file app-layer-htp.h.

struct HtpBodyChunk_* HtpBodyChunk_::next

Pointer to the next chunk

Definition at line 176 of file app-layer-htp.h.

Referenced by DatasetsDestroy(), DatasetsSave(), HtpBodyAppendChunk(), HtpBodyFree(), HtpBodyPrint(), and HtpBodyPrune().

StreamingBufferSegment HtpBodyChunk_::sbseg

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