LiveDevice_ Struct Reference

#include <util-device.h>

Public Member Functions

 SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE (uint64_t, pkts)
 SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE (uint64_t, drop)
 SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE (uint64_t, bypassed)
 SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE (uint64_t, invalid_checksums)
 TAILQ_ENTRY (LiveDevice_) next

Data Fields

char * dev
char dev_short [MAX_DEVNAME+1]
bool tenant_id_set
int id
uint32_t tenant_id
uint32_t offload_orig

Detailed Description

storage for live device names

Definition at line 49 of file util-device.h.

Member Function Documentation


LiveDevice_::SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE ( uint64_t  ,


LiveDevice_::SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE ( uint64_t  ,


LiveDevice_::SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE ( uint64_t  ,


LiveDevice_::SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE ( uint64_t  ,


LiveDevice_::TAILQ_ENTRY ( LiveDevice_  )

Field Documentation

◆ dev

char* LiveDevice_::dev

the device (e.g. "eth0")

Definition at line 50 of file util-device.h.

Referenced by DPDKCloseDevice(), LiveGetDevice(), LiveGetDeviceName(), and LiveRegisterDevice().

◆ dev_short

char LiveDevice_::dev_short[MAX_DEVNAME+1]

Definition at line 51 of file util-device.h.

Referenced by LiveGetShortName().

◆ id

int LiveDevice_::id

Definition at line 54 of file util-device.h.

◆ offload_orig

uint32_t LiveDevice_::offload_orig

original offload settings to restore @exit

Definition at line 63 of file util-device.h.

Referenced by DisableIfaceOffloading(), and RestoreIfaceOffloading().

◆ tenant_id

uint32_t LiveDevice_::tenant_id

tenant id in multi-tenancy

Definition at line 62 of file util-device.h.

◆ tenant_id_set

bool LiveDevice_::tenant_id_set

Definition at line 52 of file util-device.h.

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