PcapLogData_ Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int use_stream_depth
int honor_pass_rules
int is_private
SCMutex plog_lock
uint64_t pkt_cnt
struct pcap_pkthdr * h
char * filename
int mode
int prev_day
uint64_t size_current
uint64_t size_limit
pcap_t * pcap_dead_handle
pcap_dumper_t * pcap_dumper
uint64_t profile_data_size
uint32_t file_cnt
uint32_t max_files
PcapLogProfileData profile_lock
PcapLogProfileData profile_write
PcapLogProfileData profile_unlock
PcapLogProfileData profile_handles
PcapLogProfileData profile_close
PcapLogProfileData profile_open
PcapLogProfileData profile_rotate

Detailed Description

PcapLog thread vars

Used for storing file options.

Definition at line 141 of file log-pcap.c.

Field Documentation

◆ file_cnt

uint32_t PcapLogData_::file_cnt

count of pcap files we currently have

Definition at line 156 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ filename

char* PcapLogData_::filename

current filename

Definition at line 148 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ h

struct pcap_pkthdr* PcapLogData_::h

pcap header struct

Definition at line 147 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ honor_pass_rules

int PcapLogData_::honor_pass_rules

don't log if pass rules have matched

Definition at line 143 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ is_private

int PcapLogData_::is_private

TRUE if ctx is thread local

Definition at line 144 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ max_files

uint32_t PcapLogData_::max_files

maximum files to use in ring buffer mode

Definition at line 157 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ mode

int PcapLogData_::mode

normal or sguil

Definition at line 149 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ pcap_dead_handle

pcap_t* PcapLogData_::pcap_dead_handle

pcap_dumper_t needs a handle

Definition at line 153 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ pcap_dumper

pcap_dumper_t* PcapLogData_::pcap_dumper

actually writes the packets

Definition at line 154 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ pkt_cnt

uint64_t PcapLogData_::pkt_cnt

total number of packets

Definition at line 146 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ plog_lock

SCMutex PcapLogData_::plog_lock

Definition at line 145 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ prev_day

int PcapLogData_::prev_day

last day, for finding out when

Definition at line 150 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ profile_close

PcapLogProfileData PcapLogData_::profile_close

Definition at line 163 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ profile_data_size

uint64_t PcapLogData_::profile_data_size

track in bytes how many bytes we wrote

Definition at line 155 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ profile_handles

PcapLogProfileData PcapLogData_::profile_handles

Definition at line 162 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ profile_lock

PcapLogProfileData PcapLogData_::profile_lock

Definition at line 159 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ profile_open

PcapLogProfileData PcapLogData_::profile_open

Definition at line 164 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ profile_rotate

PcapLogProfileData PcapLogData_::profile_rotate

Definition at line 165 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ profile_unlock

PcapLogProfileData PcapLogData_::profile_unlock

Definition at line 161 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ profile_write

PcapLogProfileData PcapLogData_::profile_write

Definition at line 160 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ size_current

uint64_t PcapLogData_::size_current

file current size

Definition at line 151 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ size_limit

uint64_t PcapLogData_::size_limit

file size limit

Definition at line 152 of file log-pcap.c.

◆ use_stream_depth

int PcapLogData_::use_stream_depth

use stream depth i.e. ignore packets that reach limit

Definition at line 142 of file log-pcap.c.

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