PoolThreadElement_ Struct Reference

#include <util-pool-thread.h>

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Data Fields

SCMutex lock

Detailed Description

Consumers of this API MUST add PoolThreadReserved as the first member in the data structure. They also MUST ignore that data completely. It's managed by this API.

It's purpose is to make sure thread X can return data to a pool from thread Y.

Definition at line 45 of file util-pool-thread.h.

Field Documentation

◆ lock

SCMutex PoolThreadElement_::lock

lock, should have low contention

Definition at line 46 of file util-pool-thread.h.

Referenced by PoolThreadExpand(), PoolThreadFree(), PoolThreadGetById(), PoolThreadInit(), PoolThreadLock(), PoolThreadReturn(), and PoolThreadUnlock().

◆ pool

Pool* PoolThreadElement_::pool

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