SCLogOPIfaceCtx_ Struct Reference

The output interface context for the logging module. More...

#include <util-debug.h>

Collaboration diagram for SCLogOPIfaceCtx_:

Data Fields

SCLogOPIface iface
bool use_color
SCLogOPType type
const char * file
FILE * file_d
int rotation_flag
int facility
SCLogLevel log_level
const char * log_format
SCMutex fp_mutex
struct SCLogOPIfaceCtx_next

Detailed Description

The output interface context for the logging module.

Definition at line 115 of file util-debug.h.

Field Documentation

◆ facility

int SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::facility

Definition at line 130 of file util-debug.h.

◆ file

const char* SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::file

Definition at line 122 of file util-debug.h.

◆ file_d

FILE* SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::file_d

Definition at line 124 of file util-debug.h.

◆ fp_mutex

SCMutex SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::fp_mutex

Definition at line 139 of file util-debug.h.

◆ iface

SCLogOPIface SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::iface

Definition at line 116 of file util-debug.h.

◆ log_format

const char* SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::log_format

Definition at line 136 of file util-debug.h.

◆ log_level

SCLogLevel SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::log_level

Definition at line 133 of file util-debug.h.

◆ next

struct SCLogOPIfaceCtx_* SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::next

Definition at line 141 of file util-debug.h.

Referenced by SCLogAppendOPIfaceCtx().

◆ rotation_flag

int SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::rotation_flag

Definition at line 127 of file util-debug.h.

◆ type

SCLogOPType SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::type

Definition at line 119 of file util-debug.h.

◆ use_color

bool SCLogOPIfaceCtx_::use_color

Definition at line 118 of file util-debug.h.

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