StatsCounter_ Struct Reference

Container to hold the counter variable. More...

#include <counters.h>

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Data Fields

int type
uint16_t id
uint16_t gid
int64_t value
uint64_t updates
uint64_t(* Func )(void)
const char * name
const char * short_name
struct StatsCounter_next

Detailed Description

Container to hold the counter variable.

Definition at line 36 of file counters.h.

Field Documentation

◆ Func

uint64_t(* StatsCounter_::Func) (void)

Definition at line 51 of file counters.h.

◆ gid

uint16_t StatsCounter_::gid

Definition at line 43 of file counters.h.

◆ id

uint16_t StatsCounter_::id

Definition at line 40 of file counters.h.

◆ name

const char* StatsCounter_::name

Definition at line 54 of file counters.h.

◆ next

struct StatsCounter_* StatsCounter_::next

Definition at line 58 of file counters.h.

◆ short_name

const char* StatsCounter_::short_name

Definition at line 55 of file counters.h.

◆ type

int StatsCounter_::type

Definition at line 37 of file counters.h.

Referenced by StatsSetUI64().

◆ updates

uint64_t StatsCounter_::updates

number of updates (for avg)

Definition at line 47 of file counters.h.

◆ value

int64_t StatsCounter_::value

sum of updates/increments, or 'set' value

Definition at line 46 of file counters.h.

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