TCPHdr_ Struct Reference

#include <decode-tcp.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t th_sport
uint16_t th_dport
uint32_t th_seq
uint32_t th_ack
uint8_t th_offx2
uint8_t th_flags
uint16_t th_win
uint16_t th_sum
uint16_t th_urp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 148 of file decode-tcp.h.

Field Documentation

◆ th_ack

uint32_t TCPHdr_::th_ack

acknowledgement number

Definition at line 153 of file decode-tcp.h.

Referenced by StreamTcpUTAddPayload().

◆ th_dport

uint16_t TCPHdr_::th_dport

destination port

Definition at line 151 of file decode-tcp.h.

Referenced by UTHBuildPacketIPV6Real().

◆ th_flags

uint8_t TCPHdr_::th_flags

pkt flags

Definition at line 155 of file decode-tcp.h.

◆ th_offx2

uint8_t TCPHdr_::th_offx2

offset and reserved

Definition at line 154 of file decode-tcp.h.

◆ th_seq

uint32_t TCPHdr_::th_seq

sequence number

Definition at line 152 of file decode-tcp.h.

Referenced by StreamTcpUTAddPayload(), StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithByte(), and StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithPayload().

◆ th_sport

uint16_t TCPHdr_::th_sport

source port

Definition at line 150 of file decode-tcp.h.

Referenced by UTHBuildPacketIPV6Real().

◆ th_sum

uint16_t TCPHdr_::th_sum


Definition at line 157 of file decode-tcp.h.

◆ th_urp

uint16_t TCPHdr_::th_urp

urgent pointer

Definition at line 158 of file decode-tcp.h.

◆ th_win

uint16_t TCPHdr_::th_win

pkt window

Definition at line 156 of file decode-tcp.h.

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