TcpSession_ Struct Reference

#include <stream-tcp-private.h>

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Data Fields

PoolThreadId pool_id
uint8_t state:4
uint8_t pstate:4
uint8_t queue_len
int8_t data_first_seen_dir
uint8_t tcp_packet_flags
uint32_t flags
uint32_t reassembly_depth
TcpStream server
TcpStream client

Detailed Description

Definition at line 283 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

Field Documentation

◆ client

◆ data_first_seen_dir

int8_t TcpSession_::data_first_seen_dir

Definition at line 288 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

Referenced by StreamTcpReassembleHandleSegmentHandleData().

◆ flags

◆ pool_id

PoolThreadId TcpSession_::pool_id

Definition at line 284 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

Referenced by StreamTcpSessionClear().

◆ pstate

uint8_t TcpSession_::pstate

previous state

Definition at line 286 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

◆ queue

TcpStateQueue* TcpSession_::queue

list of SYN/ACK candidates

Definition at line 296 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

◆ queue_len

uint8_t TcpSession_::queue_len

length of queue list below

Definition at line 287 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

◆ reassembly_depth

uint32_t TcpSession_::reassembly_depth

reassembly depth for the stream

Definition at line 293 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

Referenced by TcpSessionSetReassemblyDepth().

◆ server

◆ state

uint8_t TcpSession_::state

tcp state from state enum

Definition at line 285 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

Referenced by FlowNeedsReassembly(), StreamTcpReassembleAppLayer(), and StreamTcpSsnStateAsString().

◆ tcp_packet_flags

uint8_t TcpSession_::tcp_packet_flags

track all the tcp flags we've seen

Definition at line 290 of file stream-tcp-private.h.

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