util-ja3.c File Reference
#include "suricata-common.h"
#include "app-layer-ssl.h"
#include "util-validate.h"
#include "util-ja3.h"
#include "detect-engine.h"
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JA3BufferJa3BufferInit (void)
 Allocate new buffer. More...
void Ja3BufferFree (JA3Buffer **buffer)
 Free allocated buffer. More...
int Ja3BufferAppendBuffer (JA3Buffer **buffer1, JA3Buffer **buffer2)
int Ja3BufferAddValue (JA3Buffer **buffer, uint32_t value)
char * Ja3GenerateHash (JA3Buffer *buffer)
int Ja3IsDisabled (const char *type)

Detailed Description

Mats Klepsland

Functions used to generate JA3 fingerprint.

Definition in file util-ja3.c.

Function Documentation

◆ Ja3BufferAddValue()

int Ja3BufferAddValue ( JA3Buffer **  buffer,
uint32_t  value 

Definition at line 315 of file util-ja3.c.

◆ Ja3BufferAppendBuffer()

int Ja3BufferAppendBuffer ( JA3Buffer **  buffer1,
JA3Buffer **  buffer2 

Definition at line 310 of file util-ja3.c.

◆ Ja3BufferFree()

void Ja3BufferFree ( JA3Buffer **  buffer)

Free allocated buffer.

bufferThe buffer to free.

Definition at line 54 of file util-ja3.c.

References DEBUG_VALIDATE_BUG_ON, and SCFree.

◆ Ja3BufferInit()

JA3Buffer* Ja3BufferInit ( void  )

Allocate new buffer.

pointer to buffer on success.
NULL on failure.

Definition at line 39 of file util-ja3.c.

References SCCalloc.

◆ Ja3GenerateHash()

char* Ja3GenerateHash ( JA3Buffer buffer)

Definition at line 320 of file util-ja3.c.

◆ Ja3IsDisabled()

int Ja3IsDisabled ( const char *  type)

Definition at line 325 of file util-ja3.c.