util-lua-common.h File Reference
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int LuaCallbackError (lua_State *luastate, const char *msg)
const char * LuaGetStringArgument (lua_State *luastate, int argc)
void LuaPushTableKeyValueInt (lua_State *luastate, const char *key, int value)
void LuaPushTableKeyValueString (lua_State *luastate, const char *key, const char *value)
 Push a key plus string value to the stack. More...
void LuaPushTableKeyValueArray (lua_State *luastate, const char *key, const uint8_t *value, size_t len)
int LuaRegisterFunctions (lua_State *luastate)
int LuaStateNeedProto (lua_State *luastate, AppProto alproto)

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◆ LuaCallbackError()

int LuaCallbackError ( lua_State luastate,
const char *  msg 

Definition at line 59 of file util-lua-common.c.

References msg.

Referenced by LuaStateNeedProto().

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◆ LuaGetStringArgument()

const char* LuaGetStringArgument ( lua_State luastate,
int  argc 

Definition at line 66 of file util-lua-common.c.

References str.

◆ LuaPushTableKeyValueArray()

void LuaPushTableKeyValueArray ( lua_State luastate,
const char *  key,
const uint8_t *  value,
size_t  len 

Definition at line 97 of file util-lua-common.c.

References len, and LuaPushStringBuffer().

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◆ LuaPushTableKeyValueInt()

void LuaPushTableKeyValueInt ( lua_State luastate,
const char *  key,
int  value 

Definition at line 79 of file util-lua-common.c.

◆ LuaPushTableKeyValueString()

void LuaPushTableKeyValueString ( lua_State luastate,
const char *  key,
const char *  value 

Push a key plus string value to the stack.

If value is NULL, string "(null")" will be put on the stack.

Definition at line 90 of file util-lua-common.c.

◆ LuaRegisterFunctions()

int LuaRegisterFunctions ( lua_State luastate)

Definition at line 931 of file util-lua-common.c.

◆ LuaStateNeedProto()

int LuaStateNeedProto ( lua_State luastate,
AppProto  alproto 

Definition at line 995 of file util-lua-common.c.

References Flow_::alproto, LuaCallbackError(), and LuaStateGetFlow().

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