util-mpm-ac.h File Reference
#include "util-mpm.h"
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Data Structures

struct  SCACPatternList_
struct  SCACOutputTable_
struct  SCACCtx_
struct  SCACThreadCtx_


#define SC_AC_STATE_TYPE_U16   uint16_t
#define SC_AC_STATE_TYPE_U32   uint32_t


typedef struct SCACPatternList_ SCACPatternList
typedef struct SCACOutputTable_ SCACOutputTable
typedef struct SCACCtx_ SCACCtx
typedef struct SCACThreadCtx_ SCACThreadCtx


void MpmACRegister (void)
 Register the aho-corasick mpm. More...

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SC_AC_STATE_TYPE_U16   uint16_t

Definition at line 31 of file util-mpm-ac.h.


#define SC_AC_STATE_TYPE_U32   uint32_t

Definition at line 32 of file util-mpm-ac.h.

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct SCACCtx_ SCACCtx

◆ SCACOutputTable

◆ SCACPatternList

◆ SCACThreadCtx

typedef struct SCACThreadCtx_ SCACThreadCtx

Function Documentation

◆ MpmACRegister()