util-mpm-hs.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  SCHSPattern_
struct  SCHSCtx_
struct  SCHSThreadCtx_


typedef struct SCHSPattern_ SCHSPattern
typedef struct SCHSCtx_ SCHSCtx
typedef struct SCHSThreadCtx_ SCHSThreadCtx


void MpmHSRegister (void)
void MpmHSGlobalCleanup (void)

Detailed Description

Jim Xu
Justin Viiret

MPM pattern matcher that calls the Hyperscan regex matcher.

Definition in file util-mpm-hs.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct SCHSCtx_ SCHSCtx
typedef struct SCHSPattern_ SCHSPattern
typedef struct SCHSThreadCtx_ SCHSThreadCtx

Function Documentation

void MpmHSGlobalCleanup ( void  )

Referenced by GlobalsInitPreConfig(), and RunUnittests().

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void MpmHSRegister ( void  )

Referenced by MpmTableSetup().

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