detect-engine-analyzer.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
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void SetupEngineAnalysis (struct DetectEngineCtx_ *de_ctx, bool *, bool *)
void CleanupEngineAnalysis (struct DetectEngineCtx_ *de_ctx)
void EngineAnalysisFP (const struct DetectEngineCtx_ *de_ctx, const Signature *s, char *line)
void EngineAnalysisRules (const struct DetectEngineCtx_ *de_ctx, const Signature *s, const char *line)
void EngineAnalysisRulesFailure (const struct DetectEngineCtx_ *de_ctx, char *line, char *file, int lineno)
void EngineAnalysisRules2 (const struct DetectEngineCtx_ *de_ctx, const Signature *s)

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◆ CleanupEngineAnalysis()

void CleanupEngineAnalysis ( struct DetectEngineCtx_ de_ctx)

Definition at line 508 of file detect-engine-analyzer.c.

References de_ctx, and DetectEngineCtx_::ea.

◆ EngineAnalysisFP()

void EngineAnalysisFP ( const struct DetectEngineCtx_ de_ctx,
const Signature s,
char *  line 

◆ EngineAnalysisRules()

void EngineAnalysisRules ( const struct DetectEngineCtx_ de_ctx,
const Signature s,
const char *  line 

◆ EngineAnalysisRules2()

void EngineAnalysisRules2 ( const struct DetectEngineCtx_ de_ctx,
const Signature s 

◆ EngineAnalysisRulesFailure()

void EngineAnalysisRulesFailure ( const struct DetectEngineCtx_ de_ctx,
char *  line,
char *  file,
int  lineno 

◆ SetupEngineAnalysis()

void SetupEngineAnalysis ( struct DetectEngineCtx_ de_ctx,
bool *  ,
bool *   

Definition at line 472 of file detect-engine-analyzer.c.

References DetectEngineCtx_::config_prefix, de_ctx, DetectEngineCtx_::ea, FatalError, EngineAnalysisCtx_::file_prefix, and SCCalloc.

Referenced by SigLoadSignatures().

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