detect-engine-state.h File Reference

Data structures and function prototypes for keeping state for the detection engine. More...

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Data Structures

struct  DeStateStoreItem_
struct  DeStateStore_
struct  DetectEngineStateDirection_
struct  DetectEngineState_
struct  DetectTransaction_
#define DE_STATE_CHUNK_SIZE   15
typedef struct DeStateStoreItem_ DeStateStoreItem
typedef struct DeStateStore_ DeStateStore
typedef struct DetectEngineStateDirection_ DetectEngineStateDirection
typedef struct DetectEngineState_ DetectEngineState
typedef struct DetectTransaction_ DetectTransaction
DetectEngineStateDetectEngineStateAlloc (void)
 Alloc a DetectEngineState object. More...
void DetectEngineStateFree (DetectEngineState *state)
 Frees a DetectEngineState object. More...
void DeStateUpdateInspectTransactionId (Flow *f, const uint8_t flags, const bool tag_txs_as_inspected)
 Update the inspect id. More...
void DetectEngineStateResetTxs (Flow *f)
 Reset de state for active tx' To be used on detect engine reload. More...
void DeStateRegisterTests (void)
void DetectRunStoreStateTx (const SigGroupHead *sgh, Flow *f, void *tx, uint64_t tx_id, const Signature *s, uint32_t inspect_flags, uint8_t flow_flags, const uint16_t file_no_match)
void DetectRunStoreStateTxFileOnly (const SigGroupHead *sgh, Flow *f, void *tx, uint64_t tx_id, const uint8_t flow_flags, const uint16_t file_no_match)

Detailed Description

Data structures and function prototypes for keeping state for the detection engine.

Victor Julien
Anoop Saldanha

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Macro Definition Documentation


#define DE_STATE_CHUNK_SIZE   15

number of DeStateStoreItem's in one DeStateStore object

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indicate that the file inspection portion of a sig didn't match. This is used to handle state keeping as the detect engine is still only marginally aware of files.

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hack to work around a file inspection limitation. Since there can be multiple files in a TX and the detection engine really don't know about that, we have to give the file inspection engine a way to indicate that one of the files matched, but that there are still more files that have ongoing inspection.

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Typedef Documentation

◆ DeStateStore

typedef struct DeStateStore_ DeStateStore

◆ DeStateStoreItem

◆ DetectEngineState

◆ DetectEngineStateDirection

◆ DetectTransaction

Function Documentation

◆ DetectRunStoreStateTxFileOnly()

void DetectRunStoreStateTxFileOnly ( const SigGroupHead sgh,
Flow f,
void *  tx,
uint64_t  tx_id,
const uint8_t  flow_flags,
const uint16_t  file_no_match