detect-engine-threshold.h File Reference
#include "detect.h"
#include "host.h"
#include "ippair.h"
#include "host-storage.h"
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void ThresholdInit (void)
HostStorageId ThresholdHostStorageId (void)
int ThresholdHostHasThreshold (Host *)
int ThresholdIPPairHasThreshold (IPPair *pair)
const DetectThresholdDataSigGetThresholdTypeIter (const Signature *, const SigMatchData **, int list)
 Return next DetectThresholdData for signature. More...
int PacketAlertThreshold (DetectEngineCtx *, DetectEngineThreadCtx *, const DetectThresholdData *, Packet *, const Signature *, PacketAlert *)
 Make the threshold logic for signatures. More...
void ThresholdHashInit (DetectEngineCtx *)
 Init threshold context hash tables. More...
void ThresholdHashAllocate (DetectEngineCtx *)
 Allocate threshold context hash tables. More...
void ThresholdContextDestroy (DetectEngineCtx *)
 Destroy threshold context hash tables. More...
int ThresholdHostTimeoutCheck (Host *, SCTime_t)
int ThresholdIPPairTimeoutCheck (IPPair *, SCTime_t)
void ThresholdListFree (void *ptr)
 this function will free all the entries of a list DetectTagDataEntry More...

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