log-tcp-data.h File Reference
#include "conf.h"
#include "output.h"
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void LogTcpDataLogRegister (void)
OutputInitResult LogTcpDataLogInitCtx (ConfNode *)
 Create a new http log LogFileCtx. More...

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◆ LogTcpDataLogInitCtx()

OutputInitResult LogTcpDataLogInitCtx ( ConfNode conf)

Create a new http log LogFileCtx.

confPointer to ConfNode containing this loggers configuration.
NULL if failure, LogFileCtx* to the file_ctx if succesful

Definition at line 211 of file log-tcp-data.c.

References ConfigGetLogDirectory(), ConfNodeLookupChildValue(), OutputCtx_::data, DEFAULT_LOG_FILENAME, OutputCtx_::DeInit, LogTcpDataFileCtx_::dir, LogTcpDataFileCtx_::file, LogTcpDataFileCtx_::file_ctx, LogTcpDataFileCtx_::log_dir, LogFileFreeCtx(), LogFileNewCtx(), ConfNode_::name, SCCalloc, SCConfLogOpenGeneric(), SCFree, SCLogError, SCLogInfo, SCMkDir, STREAMING_HTTP_BODIES, STREAMING_TCP_DATA, strlcpy(), LogTcpDataFileCtx_::type, and unlikely.

Referenced by LogTcpDataLogRegister().

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◆ LogTcpDataLogRegister()

void LogTcpDataLogRegister ( void  )