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 Application Layer ExpectationHandling of dynamic parallel connection for application layer similar to FTP
 HTTP layer support
 Packet decodingCode in charge of protocol decoding
 State supportState is stored in the DetectEngineState structure. This is basically a containter for storage item of type DeStateStore. They contains an array of DeStateStoreItem which store the state of match for an individual signature identified by DeStateStoreItem::sid
 ThresholdingThis feature is used to reduce the number of logged alerts for noisy rules. This can be tuned to significantly reduce false alarms, and it can also be used to write a newer breed of rules. Thresholding commands limit the number of times a particular event is logged during a specified time interval
 Device storage APIThe device storage API is a per-device storage. It is a mean to extend the LiveDevice structure with arbitrary data
 Host storage APIThe Host storage API is a per-host storage. It is a mean to extend the Host structure with arbitrary data
 AF_PACKET running mode
 AFP peers listAF_PACKET has an IPS mode were interface are peered: packet from on interface are sent the peered interface and the other way. The AFPPeer list is maitaining the list of peers. Each AFPPeer is storing the needed information to be able to send packet on the interface. A element of the list must not be destroyed during the run of Suricata as it is used by Packet and other threads
 Netmap running mode
 PoolPool are an effective way to maintain a set of ready to use structures
 TestingUnit testing support functions