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void FrameJsonLogOneFrame (const uint8_t ipproto, const Frame *frame, Flow *f, const TcpStream *stream, const Packet *p, JsonBuilder *jb, MemBuffer *)
 log a single frame More...
void JsonFrameLogRegister (void)

Detailed Description

Victor Julien

Logs frames in JSON format.

Definition in file output-json-frame.h.

Function Documentation

◆ FrameJsonLogOneFrame()

void FrameJsonLogOneFrame ( const uint8_t  ipproto,
const Frame frame,
Flow f,
const TcpStream stream,
const Packet p,
JsonBuilder *  jb,
MemBuffer buffer 

log a single frame

ipproto argument is passed to assist static code analyzers

Definition at line 255 of file output-json-frame.c.

References Flow_::alproto, AppLayerParserGetFrameNameById(), DEBUG_VALIDATE_BUG_ON, FrameJsonStreamDataCallbackData::frame, FRAME_STREAM_TYPE, Frame::id, len, Frame::len, Frame::offset, PKT_IS_TOSERVER, Flow_::proto, Packet_::proto, StreamTcpGetUsable(), and Frame::type.

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◆ JsonFrameLogRegister()

void JsonFrameLogRegister ( void  )

Definition at line 551 of file output-json-frame.c.

References LOGGER_JSON_FRAME, MODULE_NAME, and OutputRegisterPacketSubModule().

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