source-napatech.h File Reference
#include <nt.h>
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Data Structures

struct  NapatechStreamDevConf


void TmModuleNapatechStreamRegister (void)
 Register the Napatech receiver (reader) module. More...
TmEcode NapatechStreamThreadDeinit (ThreadVars *tv, void *data)
 Deinitializes the NAPATECH card. More...
void TmModuleNapatechDecodeRegister (void)
 Register the Napatech decoder module. More...
int NapatechSetPortmap (int port, int peer)
int NapatechGetAdapter (uint8_t port)

Detailed Description

nPulse Technologies, LLC.
Matt Keeler

Definition in file source-napatech.h.

Function Documentation

◆ NapatechGetAdapter()

int NapatechGetAdapter ( uint8_t  port)

◆ NapatechSetPortmap()

int NapatechSetPortmap ( int  port,
int  peer 

◆ NapatechStreamThreadDeinit()

TmEcode NapatechStreamThreadDeinit ( ThreadVars tv,
void *  data 

Deinitializes the NAPATECH card.

tvpointer to ThreadVars
datapointer that gets cast into PcapThreadVars for ptv

Definition at line 1043 of file source-napatech.c.

References NapatechThreadVars_::rx_stream, SCEnter, SCLogDebug, SCReturnInt, NapatechThreadVars_::stream_id, and TM_ECODE_OK.

Referenced by TmModuleNapatechStreamRegister().

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◆ TmModuleNapatechDecodeRegister()

void TmModuleNapatechDecodeRegister ( void  )

Register the Napatech decoder module.

Definition at line 192 of file source-napatech.c.

References TmModule_::cap_flags, TmModule_::flags, TmModule_::Func, TmModule_::name, NapatechDecode(), NapatechDecodeThreadDeinit(), NapatechDecodeThreadInit(), TmModule_::ThreadDeinit, TmModule_::ThreadExitPrintStats, TmModule_::ThreadInit, TM_FLAG_DECODE_TM, TMM_DECODENAPATECH, and tmm_modules.

Referenced by RegisterAllModules().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ TmModuleNapatechStreamRegister()

void TmModuleNapatechStreamRegister ( void  )