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Data Structures

struct  PcapPacketVars_
struct  PcapIfaceConfig_


#define LIBPCAP_COPYWAIT   500


typedef struct PcapPacketVars_ PcapPacketVars
typedef struct PcapIfaceConfig_ PcapIfaceConfig


void TmModuleReceivePcapRegister (void)
 Registration Function for RecievePcap. More...
void TmModuleDecodePcapRegister (void)
 Registration Function for DecodePcap. More...
void PcapTranslateIPToDevice (char *pcap_dev, size_t len)

Detailed Description

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#define LIBPCAP_COPYWAIT   500

Definition at line 31 of file source-pcap.h.

Referenced by ReceivePcapThreadInit().


Definition at line 32 of file source-pcap.h.

Referenced by RunModeIdsPcapRegister().


needs to be able to contain Windows adapter id's, so must be quite long.

Definition at line 42 of file source-pcap.h.

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void PcapTranslateIPToDevice ( char *  pcap_dev,
size_t  len 

Definition at line 623 of file source-pcap.c.

References strlcpy().

Referenced by GetProgramVersion().

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void TmModuleReceivePcapRegister ( void  )