PcapIfaceConfig_ Struct Reference

#include <source-pcap.h>

Public Member Functions

 SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE (unsigned int, ref)

Data Fields

int threads
int buffer_size
int snaplen
int promisc
const char * bpf_filter
ChecksumValidationMode checksum_mode
void(* DerefFunc )(void *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file source-pcap.h.

Member Function Documentation


PcapIfaceConfig_::SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE ( unsigned int  ,

Field Documentation

◆ bpf_filter

const char* PcapIfaceConfig_::bpf_filter

Definition at line 56 of file source-pcap.h.

◆ buffer_size

int PcapIfaceConfig_::buffer_size

Definition at line 50 of file source-pcap.h.

◆ checksum_mode

ChecksumValidationMode PcapIfaceConfig_::checksum_mode

Definition at line 57 of file source-pcap.h.

◆ DerefFunc

void(* PcapIfaceConfig_::DerefFunc) (void *)

Definition at line 59 of file source-pcap.h.

◆ iface

char PcapIfaceConfig_::iface[PCAP_IFACE_NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 46 of file source-pcap.h.

◆ promisc

int PcapIfaceConfig_::promisc

Definition at line 54 of file source-pcap.h.

◆ snaplen

int PcapIfaceConfig_::snaplen

Definition at line 52 of file source-pcap.h.

◆ threads

int PcapIfaceConfig_::threads

Definition at line 48 of file source-pcap.h.

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