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void StreamTcpUTInit (TcpReassemblyThreadCtx **)
void StreamTcpUTDeinit (TcpReassemblyThreadCtx *)
void StreamTcpUTInitInline (void)
void StreamTcpUTSetupSession (TcpSession *)
void StreamTcpUTClearSession (TcpSession *)
void StreamTcpUTSetupStream (TcpStream *, uint32_t isn)
void StreamTcpUTClearStream (TcpStream *)
int StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithByte (ThreadVars *, TcpReassemblyThreadCtx *, TcpStream *, uint32_t, uint8_t, uint16_t)
int StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithPayload (ThreadVars *, TcpReassemblyThreadCtx *, TcpStream *, uint32_t, uint8_t *, uint16_t)
int StreamTcpUTAddPayload (ThreadVars *tv, TcpReassemblyThreadCtx *ra_ctx, TcpSession *ssn, TcpStream *stream, uint32_t seq, uint8_t *payload, uint16_t len)
 wrapper for StreamTcpReassembleHandleSegmentHandleData More...
void StreamTcpUtilRegisterTests (void)

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◆ StreamTcpUTAddPayload()

int StreamTcpUTAddPayload ( ThreadVars tv,
TcpReassemblyThreadCtx ra_ctx,
TcpSession ssn,
TcpStream stream,
uint32_t  seq,
uint8_t *  payload,
uint16_t  len 

wrapper for StreamTcpReassembleHandleSegmentHandleData

Definition at line 97 of file stream-tcp-util.c.

References PacketL4::hdrs, Packet_::l4, len, seq, StreamTcpReassembleHandleSegmentHandleData(), PacketL4::L4Hdrs::tcph, TCPHdr_::th_ack, TCPHdr_::th_seq, tv, UTHBuildPacketReal(), and UTHFreePacket().

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◆ StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithByte()

int StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithByte ( ThreadVars ,
TcpReassemblyThreadCtx ,
TcpStream ,
uint32_t  ,
uint8_t  ,

◆ StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithPayload()

int StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithPayload ( ThreadVars ,
TcpReassemblyThreadCtx ,
TcpStream ,
uint32_t  ,
uint8_t *  ,

◆ StreamTcpUTClearSession()

void StreamTcpUTClearSession ( TcpSession )

Definition at line 71 of file stream-tcp-util.c.

References TcpSession_::client, TcpSession_::server, StreamTcpSessionCleanup(), and StreamTcpUTClearStream().

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◆ StreamTcpUTClearStream()

void StreamTcpUTClearStream ( TcpStream )

Definition at line 91 of file stream-tcp-util.c.

References StreamTcpStreamCleanup().

Referenced by StreamTcpUTClearSession().

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◆ StreamTcpUTDeinit()

void StreamTcpUTDeinit ( TcpReassemblyThreadCtx )

Definition at line 51 of file stream-tcp-util.c.

References TcpStreamCnf_::flags, stream_config, STREAMTCP_INIT_FLAG_INLINE, StreamTcpFreeConfig(), and StreamTcpReassembleFreeThreadCtx().

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◆ StreamTcpUtilRegisterTests()

void StreamTcpUtilRegisterTests ( void  )

Definition at line 247 of file stream-tcp-util.c.

References UtRegisterTest().

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◆ StreamTcpUTInit()

void StreamTcpUTInit ( TcpReassemblyThreadCtx **  )

Definition at line 44 of file stream-tcp-util.c.

References IPPairInitConfig(), StreamTcpInitConfig(), and StreamTcpReassembleInitThreadCtx().

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◆ StreamTcpUTInitInline()

void StreamTcpUTInitInline ( void  )

Definition at line 58 of file stream-tcp-util.c.

References TcpStreamCnf_::flags, stream_config, and STREAMTCP_INIT_FLAG_INLINE.

◆ StreamTcpUTSetupSession()

void StreamTcpUTSetupSession ( TcpSession )

◆ StreamTcpUTSetupStream()

void StreamTcpUTSetupStream ( TcpStream ,
uint32_t  isn