DetectBufferType_ Struct Reference

#include <detect.h>

Collaboration diagram for DetectBufferType_:

Data Fields

const char * string
const char * description
int id
int parent_id
_Bool mpm
_Bool packet
bool supports_transforms
void(* SetupCallback )(const struct DetectEngineCtx_ *, struct Signature_ *)
bool(* ValidateCallback )(const struct Signature_ *, const char **sigerror)
DetectEngineTransforms transforms

Detailed Description

Definition at line 424 of file detect.h.

Field Documentation

_Bool DetectBufferType_::packet
int DetectBufferType_::parent_id

Definition at line 428 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectBufferTypeGetByIdTransforms().

void(* DetectBufferType_::SetupCallback) (const struct DetectEngineCtx_ *, struct Signature_ *)
const char* DetectBufferType_::string
bool DetectBufferType_::supports_transforms
DetectEngineTransforms DetectBufferType_::transforms
bool(* DetectBufferType_::ValidateCallback) (const struct Signature_ *, const char **sigerror)

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