DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine Struct Reference

#include <detect.h>

Collaboration diagram for DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine:

Data Fields

AppProto alproto
uint8_t dir
uint8_t type
bool mpm
uint16_t sm_list
uint16_t sm_list_base
struct {
   InspectionBufferFrameInspectFunc   Callback
   const DetectEngineTransforms *   transforms
struct DetectEngineFrameInspectionEnginenext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 500 of file detect.h.

Field Documentation

◆ alproto

AppProto DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::alproto

◆ Callback

InspectionBufferFrameInspectFunc DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::Callback

◆ dir

uint8_t DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::dir

◆ mpm

bool DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::mpm

Definition at line 504 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineInspectFrameBufferGeneric().

◆ next

◆ sm_list

◆ sm_list_base

uint16_t DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::sm_list_base

◆ smd

SigMatchData* DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::smd

Definition at line 512 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineAppInspectionEngineSignatureFree().

◆ transforms

const DetectEngineTransforms* DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::transforms

pointer to the transforms in the 'DetectBuffer entry for this list

Definition at line 510 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineInspectFrameBufferGeneric().

◆ type

uint8_t DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::type

◆ v1

struct { ... } DetectEngineFrameInspectionEngine::v1

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