DetectEngineMasterCtx_ Struct Reference

#include <detect.h>

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Data Fields

SCMutex lock
int multi_tenant_enabled
uint32_t version
enum DetectEngineTenantSelectors tenant_selector
int keyword_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1416 of file detect.h.

Field Documentation

DetectEngineCtx* DetectEngineMasterCtx_::free_list

free list, containing detection engines that will be removed but may still be referenced by det_ctx's. Freed as soon as all references are gone.

Definition at line 1432 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineMoveToFreeList(), and DetectEnginePruneFreeList().

int DetectEngineMasterCtx_::keyword_id

Definition at line 1444 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineResetMaxSigId(), and DetectRegisterThreadCtxGlobalFuncs().

DetectEngineThreadKeywordCtxItem* DetectEngineMasterCtx_::keyword_list

list of keywords that need thread local ctxs, only updated by keyword registration at start up. Not covered by the lock.

Definition at line 1443 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineResetMaxSigId(), and DetectRegisterThreadCtxGlobalFuncs().

DetectEngineCtx* DetectEngineMasterCtx_::list

list of active detection engines. This list is used to generate the threads det_ctx's

Definition at line 1427 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineDeReference(), DetectEngineEnabled(), DetectEngineGetByTenantId(), DetectEngineGetCurrent(), DetectEngineMoveToFreeList(), DetectEngineMTApply(), and DetectEngineResetMaxSigId().

int DetectEngineMasterCtx_::multi_tenant_enabled

enable multi tenant mode

Definition at line 1420 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineMultiTenantEnabled(), and DetectEngineMultiTenantSetup().

DetectEngineTenantMapping* DetectEngineMasterCtx_::tenant_mapping_list

list of tenant mappings. Updated under lock. Used to generate lookup structures.

Definition at line 1438 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineMultiTenantSetup(), and DetectEngineResetMaxSigId().

enum DetectEngineTenantSelectors DetectEngineMasterCtx_::tenant_selector
uint32_t DetectEngineMasterCtx_::version

version, incremented after each 'apply to threads'

Definition at line 1423 of file detect.h.

Referenced by DetectEngineBumpVersion(), and DetectEngineGetVersion().

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