FlowWorkerThreadData_ Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE (DetectEngineThreadCtxPtr, detect_thread)

Data Fields

union {
   StreamTcpThread *   stream_thread
   void *   stream_thread_ptr
void * output_thread
void * output_thread_flow
uint16_t local_bypass_pkts
uint16_t local_bypass_bytes
uint16_t both_bypass_pkts
uint16_t both_bypass_bytes
PacketQueueNoLock pq
FlowLookupStruct fls
struct {
   uint16_t   flows_injected
   uint16_t   flows_injected_max
   uint16_t   flows_removed
   uint16_t   flows_aside_needs_work
   uint16_t   flows_aside_pkt_inject
FlowEndCounters fec

Detailed Description

Definition at line 64 of file flow-worker.c.

Member Function Documentation


FlowWorkerThreadData_::SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE ( DetectEngineThreadCtxPtr  ,

Field Documentation

◆ @114

union { ... }

◆ both_bypass_bytes

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::both_bypass_bytes

Definition at line 80 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ both_bypass_pkts

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::both_bypass_pkts

Definition at line 79 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ cnt

struct { ... } FlowWorkerThreadData_::cnt

◆ dtv

DecodeThreadVars* FlowWorkerThreadData_::dtv

Definition at line 65 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ fec

FlowEndCounters FlowWorkerThreadData_::fec

Definition at line 93 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ flows_aside_needs_work

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::flows_aside_needs_work

Definition at line 90 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ flows_aside_pkt_inject

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::flows_aside_pkt_inject

Definition at line 91 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ flows_injected

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::flows_injected

Definition at line 87 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ flows_injected_max

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::flows_injected_max

Definition at line 88 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ flows_removed

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::flows_removed

Definition at line 89 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ fls

FlowLookupStruct FlowWorkerThreadData_::fls

Definition at line 84 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ local_bypass_bytes

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::local_bypass_bytes

Definition at line 78 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ local_bypass_pkts

uint16_t FlowWorkerThreadData_::local_bypass_pkts

Definition at line 77 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ output_thread

void* FlowWorkerThreadData_::output_thread

Definition at line 74 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ output_thread_flow

void* FlowWorkerThreadData_::output_thread_flow

Definition at line 75 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ pq

PacketQueueNoLock FlowWorkerThreadData_::pq

Queue to put pseudo packets that have been created by the stream (RST response) and by the flush logic following a protocol change.

Definition at line 83 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ stream_thread

StreamTcpThread* FlowWorkerThreadData_::stream_thread

Definition at line 68 of file flow-worker.c.

◆ stream_thread_ptr

void* FlowWorkerThreadData_::stream_thread_ptr

Definition at line 69 of file flow-worker.c.

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