HtpTxUserData_ Struct Reference

#include <app-layer-htp.h>

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Data Fields

uint8_t request_body_init
uint8_t response_body_init
uint8_t request_has_trailers
uint8_t response_has_trailers
uint8_t boundary_len
uint8_t tsflags
uint8_t tcflags
uint8_t request_body_type
HtpBody request_body
HtpBody response_body
bstr * request_uri_normalized
uint8_t * request_headers_raw
uint8_t * response_headers_raw
uint32_t request_headers_raw_len
uint32_t response_headers_raw_len
uint8_t * boundary
AppLayerTxData tx_data
FileContainer files_ts
FileContainer files_tc

Detailed Description

Now the Body Chunks will be stored per transaction, at the tx user data

Definition at line 207 of file app-layer-htp.h.

Field Documentation

◆ boundary

uint8_t* HtpTxUserData_::boundary

Holds the boundary identification string if any (used on multipart/form-data only)

Definition at line 235 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ boundary_len

uint8_t HtpTxUserData_::boundary_len

Definition at line 215 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ file_range

HttpRangeContainerBlock* HtpTxUserData_::file_range

used to assign track ids to range file

Definition at line 237 of file app-layer-htp.h.

Referenced by HTPFileClose(), HTPFileOpen(), and HTPFileStoreChunk().

◆ files_tc

FileContainer HtpTxUserData_::files_tc

Definition at line 241 of file app-layer-htp.h.

Referenced by HTPFileClose(), HTPFileOpen(), and HTPFileStoreChunk().

◆ files_ts

FileContainer HtpTxUserData_::files_ts

Definition at line 240 of file app-layer-htp.h.

Referenced by HTPFileClose(), HTPFileOpen(), and HTPFileStoreChunk().

◆ request_body

HtpBody HtpTxUserData_::request_body

Definition at line 222 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ request_body_init

uint8_t HtpTxUserData_::request_body_init

Definition at line 209 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ request_body_type

uint8_t HtpTxUserData_::request_body_type

Definition at line 220 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ request_has_trailers

uint8_t HtpTxUserData_::request_has_trailers

Definition at line 212 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ request_headers_raw

uint8_t* HtpTxUserData_::request_headers_raw

Definition at line 227 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ request_headers_raw_len

uint32_t HtpTxUserData_::request_headers_raw_len

Definition at line 229 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ request_uri_normalized

bstr* HtpTxUserData_::request_uri_normalized

Definition at line 225 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ response_body

HtpBody HtpTxUserData_::response_body

Definition at line 223 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ response_body_init

uint8_t HtpTxUserData_::response_body_init

Definition at line 210 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ response_has_trailers

uint8_t HtpTxUserData_::response_has_trailers

Definition at line 213 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ response_headers_raw

uint8_t* HtpTxUserData_::response_headers_raw

Definition at line 228 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ response_headers_raw_len

uint32_t HtpTxUserData_::response_headers_raw_len

Definition at line 230 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ tcflags

uint8_t HtpTxUserData_::tcflags

Definition at line 218 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ tsflags

uint8_t HtpTxUserData_::tsflags

Definition at line 217 of file app-layer-htp.h.

◆ tx_data

AppLayerTxData HtpTxUserData_::tx_data

Definition at line 239 of file app-layer-htp.h.

Referenced by HTPFileClose(), and HTPFileOpen().

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