SMTPTransaction_ Struct Reference

#include <app-layer-smtp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_HEAD (, SMTPString_) rcpt_to_list
 TAILQ_ENTRY (SMTPTransaction_) next

Data Fields

uint64_t tx_id
uint64_t detect_flags_ts
uint64_t detect_flags_tc
int done
uint32_t logged
uint8_t * mail_from
uint16_t mail_from_len

Detailed Description

Definition at line 67 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

Member Function Documentation


SMTPTransaction_::TAILQ_ENTRY ( SMTPTransaction_  )


SMTPTransaction_::TAILQ_HEAD ( SMTPString_  )

rcpt to string list

Field Documentation

◆ de_state

DetectEngineState* SMTPTransaction_::de_state

Definition at line 85 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ decoder_events

AppLayerDecoderEvents* SMTPTransaction_::decoder_events

per tx events

Definition at line 84 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ detect_flags_tc

uint64_t SMTPTransaction_::detect_flags_tc

Definition at line 72 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ detect_flags_ts

uint64_t SMTPTransaction_::detect_flags_ts

Definition at line 71 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ done

int SMTPTransaction_::done

Definition at line 74 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ logged

uint32_t SMTPTransaction_::logged

indicates loggers done logging

Definition at line 76 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ mail_from

uint8_t* SMTPTransaction_::mail_from

Definition at line 88 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ mail_from_len

uint16_t SMTPTransaction_::mail_from_len

Definition at line 89 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ mime_state

MimeDecParseState* SMTPTransaction_::mime_state

the mime decoding parser state

Definition at line 82 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ msg_head

MimeDecEntity* SMTPTransaction_::msg_head

the first message contained in the session

Definition at line 78 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ msg_tail

MimeDecEntity* SMTPTransaction_::msg_tail

the last message contained in the session

Definition at line 80 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

◆ tx_id

uint64_t SMTPTransaction_::tx_id

id of this tx, starting at 0

Definition at line 69 of file app-layer-smtp.h.

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