StatsGlobalContext_ Struct Reference

Holds the output interface context for the counter api. More...

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Data Fields

SCMutex sts_lock
int sts_cnt
StatsPublicThreadContext global_counter_ctx

Detailed Description

Holds the output interface context for the counter api.

Definition at line 81 of file counters.c.

Field Documentation

◆ counters_id_hash

HashTable* StatsGlobalContext_::counters_id_hash

Definition at line 87 of file counters.c.

◆ global_counter_ctx

StatsPublicThreadContext StatsGlobalContext_::global_counter_ctx

Definition at line 89 of file counters.c.

◆ sts

StatsThreadStore* StatsGlobalContext_::sts

list of thread stores: one per thread plus one global

Definition at line 83 of file counters.c.

◆ sts_cnt

int StatsGlobalContext_::sts_cnt

Definition at line 85 of file counters.c.

◆ sts_lock

SCMutex StatsGlobalContext_::sts_lock

Definition at line 84 of file counters.c.

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