app-layer-dnp3-objects.c File Reference
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void DNP3FreeObjectPoint (int group, int variation, void *point)
DNP3PointList * DNP3PointListAlloc (void)
 Allocate a list for DNP3 points. More...
void DNP3FreeObjectPointList (int group, int variation, DNP3PointList *list)
 Free a DNP3PointList. More...
int DNP3DecodeObject (int group, int variation, const uint8_t **buf, uint32_t *len, uint8_t prefix_code, uint32_t start, uint32_t count, DNP3PointList *points)
 Decode a DNP3 object. More...

Detailed Description

Jason Ish

This file contains the DNP3 object decoders.

Definition in file app-layer-dnp3-objects.c.

Function Documentation

◆ DNP3DecodeObject()

int DNP3DecodeObject ( int  group,
int  variation,
const uint8_t **  buf,
uint32_t *  len,
uint8_t  prefix_code,
uint32_t  start,
uint32_t  count,
DNP3PointList *  points 

Decode a DNP3 object.

Return values
0on success. On failure a positive integer corresponding to a DNP3 application layer event will be returned.

Definition at line 9109 of file app-layer-dnp3-objects.c.

References DNP3_OBJECT_CODE, group, and variation.

◆ DNP3FreeObjectPoint()

◆ DNP3FreeObjectPointList()

void DNP3FreeObjectPointList ( int  group,
int  variation,
DNP3PointList *  list 

Free a DNP3PointList.

Definition at line 58 of file app-layer-dnp3-objects.c.

◆ DNP3PointListAlloc()

DNP3PointList* DNP3PointListAlloc ( void  )

Allocate a list for DNP3 points.

Definition at line 45 of file app-layer-dnp3-objects.c.

References SCCalloc, TAILQ_INIT, and unlikely.