app-layer-dnp3.h File Reference
#include "rust.h"
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Data Structures

struct  DNP3LinkHeader_
 DNP3 link header. More...
struct  DNP3ApplicationHeader_
 DNP3 application header. More...
struct  DNP3InternalInd_
 DNP3 internal indicators. More...
struct  DNP3Buffer_
 A struct used for buffering incoming data prior to reassembly. More...
struct  DNP3ObjHeader_
 DNP3 application object header. More...
struct  DNP3Point_
 DNP3 object point. More...
struct  DNP3Object_
 Struct to hold the list of decoded objects. More...
struct  DNP3Transaction_
 DNP3 transaction. More...
struct  DNP3State_
 Per flow DNP3 state. More...


#define DNP3_MAX_LINK_PDU_LEN   292
#define DNP3_APP_FC_CONFIRM   0x00
#define DNP3_APP_FC_READ   0x01
#define DNP3_APP_FC_WRITE   0x02
#define DNP3_APP_FC_SELECT   0x03
#define DNP3_APP_FC_OPERATE   0x04
#define DNP3_APP_FC_DIR_OPERATE   0x05
#define DNP3_APP_FC_DIR_OPERATE_NR   0x06
#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE   0x07
#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_NR   0x08
#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_CLEAR   0x09
#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_CLEAR_NR   0x0a
#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_AT_TIME   0x0b
#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_AT_TIME_NR   0x0c
#define DNP3_APP_FC_COLD_RESTART   0x0d
#define DNP3_APP_FC_WARM_RESTART   0x0e
#define DNP3_APP_FC_ASSIGN_CLASS   0x16
#define DNP3_APP_FC_OPEN_TIME   0x19
#define DNP3_APP_FC_CLOSE_FILE   0x1a
#define DNP3_APP_FC_DELETE_FILE   0x1b
#define DNP3_APP_FC_GET_FILE_INFO   0x1c
#define DNP3_APP_FC_ABORT_FILE   0x1e
#define DNP3_APP_FC_AUTH_REQ   0x20
#define DNP3_APP_FC_AUTH_REQ_NR   0x21
#define DNP3_APP_FC_RESPONSE   0x81
#define DNP3_APP_FC_AUTH_RESP   0x83
#define DNP3_LINK_DIR(control)   (control & 0x80)
#define DNP3_LINK_PRI(control)   (control & 0x40)
#define DNP3_LINK_FCB(control)   (control & 0x20)
#define DNP3_LINK_FCV(control)   (control & 0x10)
#define DNP3_LINK_FC(control)   (control & 0x0f)
#define DNP3_TH_FIN(x)   (x & 0x80)
#define DNP3_TH_FIR(x)   (x & 0x40)
#define DNP3_TH_SEQ(x)   (x & 0x3f)
#define DNP3_APP_FIR(x)   (x & 0x80)
#define DNP3_APP_FIN(x)   (x & 0x40)
#define DNP3_APP_CON(x)   (x & 0x20)
#define DNP3_APP_UNS(x)   (x & 0x10)
#define DNP3_APP_SEQ(x)   (x & 0x0f)
#define DNP3_SWAP16(x)   SCByteSwap16(x)
#define DNP3_SWAP32(x)   SCByteSwap32(x)
#define DNP3_SWAP64(x)   SCByteSwap64(x)


typedef uint8_t DNP3TransportHeader
 DNP3 transport header. More...
typedef struct DNP3Buffer_ DNP3Buffer
 A struct used for buffering incoming data prior to reassembly. More...
typedef struct DNP3Point_ DNP3Point
 DNP3 object point. More...
typedef struct DNP3Object_ DNP3Object
 Struct to hold the list of decoded objects. More...
typedef struct DNP3Transaction_ DNP3Transaction
 DNP3 transaction. More...
typedef struct DNP3State_ DNP3State
 Per flow DNP3 state. More...


enum  {


struct DNP3LinkHeader_ __attribute__ ((__packed__)) DNP3LinkHeader
 DNP3 link header. More...
struct DNP3ObjHeader_ __attribute__ ((packed)) DNP3ObjHeader
 DNP3 application object header. More...
typedef TAILQ_HEAD (DNP3PointList_, DNP3Point_) DNP3PointList
typedef TAILQ_HEAD (DNP3ObjectList_, DNP3Object_) DNP3ObjectList
 TAILQ_HEAD (TxListHead, DNP3Transaction_)
void RegisterDNP3Parsers (void)
 Register the DNP3 application protocol parser. More...
void DNP3ParserRegisterTests (void)
int DNP3PrefixIsSize (uint8_t)
 Check if the prefix code is a size prefix. More...


uint8_t start_byte0
uint8_t start_byte1
uint8_t len
uint8_t control
uint16_t dst
uint16_t src
uint16_t crc
uint8_t function_code
uint8_t iin1
uint8_t iin2
uint8_t group
uint8_t variation
uint8_t qualifier

Macro Definition Documentation


#define DNP3_APP_CON (   x)    (x & 0x20)

Definition at line 85 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_ABORT_FILE   0x1e

Definition at line 60 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 61 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_ASSIGN_CLASS   0x16

Definition at line 52 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_AUTH_REQ   0x20

Definition at line 62 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_AUTH_REQ_NR   0x21

Definition at line 63 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_AUTH_RESP   0x83

Definition at line 68 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 59 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_CLOSE_FILE   0x1a

Definition at line 56 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_COLD_RESTART   0x0d

Definition at line 43 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_CONFIRM   0x00

Definition at line 30 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 53 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_DELETE_FILE   0x1b

Definition at line 57 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_DIR_OPERATE   0x05

Definition at line 35 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_DIR_OPERATE_NR   0x06

Definition at line 36 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 51 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 50 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE   0x07

Definition at line 37 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_AT_TIME   0x0b

Definition at line 41 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_AT_TIME_NR   0x0c

Definition at line 42 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_CLEAR   0x09

Definition at line 39 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_CLEAR_NR   0x0a

Definition at line 40 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_FREEZE_NR   0x08

Definition at line 38 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_GET_FILE_INFO   0x1c

Definition at line 58 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 46 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 45 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_OPEN_TIME   0x19

Definition at line 55 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_OPERATE   0x04

Definition at line 34 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_READ   0x01

Definition at line 31 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 54 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_RESPONSE   0x81

Definition at line 66 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 49 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_SELECT   0x03

Definition at line 33 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 47 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 48 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.



Definition at line 67 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_WARM_RESTART   0x0e

Definition at line 44 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FC_WRITE   0x02

Definition at line 32 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FIN (   x)    (x & 0x40)

Definition at line 84 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_FIR (   x)    (x & 0x80)

Definition at line 83 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_SEQ (   x)    (x & 0x0f)

Definition at line 87 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_APP_UNS (   x)    (x & 0x10)

Definition at line 86 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_LINK_DIR (   control)    (control & 0x80)

Definition at line 71 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_LINK_FC (   control)    (control & 0x0f)

Definition at line 75 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_LINK_FCB (   control)    (control & 0x20)

Definition at line 73 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_LINK_FCV (   control)    (control & 0x10)

Definition at line 74 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_LINK_PRI (   control)    (control & 0x40)

Definition at line 72 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_MAX_LINK_PDU_LEN   292

The maximum size of a DNP3 link PDU.

Definition at line 27 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_SWAP16 (   x)    SCByteSwap16(x)

Definition at line 92 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_SWAP32 (   x)    SCByteSwap32(x)

Definition at line 93 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_SWAP64 (   x)    SCByteSwap64(x)

Definition at line 94 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_TH_FIN (   x)    (x & 0x80)

Definition at line 78 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_TH_FIR (   x)    (x & 0x40)

Definition at line 79 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.


#define DNP3_TH_SEQ (   x)    (x & 0x3f)

Definition at line 80 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ DNP3Buffer

typedef struct DNP3Buffer_ DNP3Buffer

A struct used for buffering incoming data prior to reassembly.

◆ DNP3Object

typedef struct DNP3Object_ DNP3Object

Struct to hold the list of decoded objects.

◆ DNP3Point

typedef struct DNP3Point_ DNP3Point

DNP3 object point.

Each DNP3 object can have 0 or more points representing the values of the object.

◆ DNP3State

typedef struct DNP3State_ DNP3State

Per flow DNP3 state.

◆ DNP3Transaction

DNP3 transaction.

◆ DNP3TransportHeader

typedef uint8_t DNP3TransportHeader

DNP3 transport header.

Definition at line 126 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 101 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Function Documentation

◆ __attribute__() [1/2]

struct DNP3LinkHeader_ __attribute__ ( (__packed__)  )

DNP3 link header.

DNP3 internal indicators.

DNP3 application header.

Part of the application header for responses only.

Definition at line 96 of file decode-vlan.c.

◆ __attribute__() [2/2]

struct DNP3ObjHeader_ __attribute__ ( (packed)  )

DNP3 application object header.

Definition at line 1 of file source-erf-file.c.

◆ DNP3ParserRegisterTests()

void DNP3ParserRegisterTests ( void  )

Definition at line 2647 of file app-layer-dnp3.c.

References UtRegisterTest().

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◆ DNP3PrefixIsSize()

int DNP3PrefixIsSize ( uint8_t  prefix_code)

Check if the prefix code is a size prefix.

Return values
1if the prefix_code specifies a size prefix, 0 if not.

Definition at line 1510 of file app-layer-dnp3.c.

◆ RegisterDNP3Parsers()

void RegisterDNP3Parsers ( void  )

Register the DNP3 application protocol parser.

Definition at line 1560 of file app-layer-dnp3.c.

References ALPROTO_DNP3, AppLayerProtoDetectConfProtoDetectionEnabledDefault(), AppLayerProtoDetectPPRegister(), AppLayerProtoDetectRegisterProtocol(), DNP3_DEFAULT_PORT, RunmodeIsUnittests(), and SCEnter.

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◆ TAILQ_HEAD() [1/3]

typedef TAILQ_HEAD ( DNP3ObjectList_  ,

◆ TAILQ_HEAD() [2/3]

typedef TAILQ_HEAD ( DNP3PointList_  ,

◆ TAILQ_HEAD() [3/3]

TAILQ_HEAD ( TxListHead  ,

Variable Documentation

◆ control

uint8_t control

Control flags.

Definition at line 3 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ crc

uint16_t crc

Link header CRC.

Definition at line 6 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ dst

◆ function_code

uint8_t function_code

Application function code.

Definition at line 1 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ group

uint8_t group

Definition at line 0 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Referenced by DNP3DecodeObject(), DNP3FreeObjectPoint(), SCGetGroupID(), and SCGetUserID().

◆ iin1

uint8_t iin1

Definition at line 0 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ iin2

uint8_t iin2

Definition at line 1 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ len

uint8_t len

Length of PDU without CRCs.

Definition at line 2 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Referenced by AppLayerFrameSetLength(), AppLayerFrameSetLengthById(), ByteExtractString(), ByteExtractStringInt16(), ByteExtractStringInt32(), ByteExtractStringInt64(), ByteExtractStringInt8(), ByteExtractStringSigned(), ByteExtractStringUint16(), ByteExtractStringUint32(), ByteExtractStringUint64(), ByteExtractStringUint8(), ByteExtractUint16(), ByteExtractUint32(), ByteExtractUint64(), DecodeBase64(), DecodeCHDLC(), DecodeENIPPDU(), DecodeERSPAN(), DecodeERSPANTypeI(), DecodeEthernet(), DecodeGRE(), DecodeICMPV4(), DecodeICMPV6(), DecodeIPV4(), DecodeNSH(), DecodeNull(), DecodePPP(), DecodePPPOEDiscovery(), DecodePPPOESession(), DecodeRaw(), DecodeSll(), DecodeTEMPLATE(), DecodeVLAN(), DecodeVNTag(), DefragTrackerQueueLen(), DetectByteExtractDoMatch(), DetectBytejumpDoMatch(), DetectByteMathDoMatch(), DetectBytetestDoMatch(), DetectContentParse(), DetectPcrePayloadMatch(), DetectVarStoreMatch(), DetectVarStoreMatchKeyValue(), FileGetSwfDecompressedLen(), FrameJsonLogOneFrame(), HostQueueLen(), HtpBodyAppendChunk(), HTPParseContentRange(), IPPairQueueLen(), IPv4AddressStringIsValid(), IPv6AddressStringIsValid(), JsonGetNextLineFromBuffer(), MimeDecParseLine(), PacketDefragPktSetup(), PacketTunnelPktSetup(), PcapTranslateIPToDevice(), SCClassConfClasstypeHashFunc(), SCCreateDirectoryTree(), SCHTPGenerateNormalizedUri(), SCPidfileCreate(), SCRConfReferenceHashFunc(), SigMatchList2DataArray(), SMTPProcessDataChunk(), SRepLoadFileFromFD(), StreamTcpCreateTestPacket(), StreamTcpUTAddPayload(), StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithByte(), StreamTcpUTAddSegmentWithPayload(), StringAsBase64(), StringParseI16RangeCheck(), StringParseI32RangeCheck(), StringParseI64RangeCheck(), StringParseI8RangeCheck(), StringParseInt16(), StringParseInt32(), StringParseInt64(), StringParseInt8(), StringParseU16RangeCheck(), StringParseU32RangeCheck(), StringParseU64RangeCheck(), StringParseU8RangeCheck(), StringParseUint16(), StringParseUint32(), StringParseUint64(), StringParseUint8(), and SysFsWriteValue().

◆ qualifier

uint8_t qualifier

Definition at line 2 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ src

◆ start_byte0

uint8_t start_byte0

First check byte.

Definition at line 0 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ start_byte1

uint8_t start_byte1

Second check byte.

Definition at line 1 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ variation

uint8_t variation

Definition at line 1 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Referenced by DNP3DecodeObject(), and DNP3FreeObjectPoint().