DNP3Transaction_ Struct Reference

DNP3 transaction. More...

#include <app-layer-dnp3.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_ENTRY (DNP3Transaction_) next

Data Fields

AppLayerTxData tx_data
uint64_t tx_num
bool is_request
struct DNP3State_dnp3
uint8_t * buffer
uint32_t buffer_len
DNP3ObjectList objects
DNP3LinkHeader lh
DNP3TransportHeader th
DNP3ApplicationHeader ah
DNP3InternalInd iin
uint8_t done
uint8_t complete

Detailed Description

DNP3 transaction.

Definition at line 211 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Member Function Documentation


DNP3Transaction_::TAILQ_ENTRY ( DNP3Transaction_  )

Field Documentation

◆ ah

DNP3ApplicationHeader DNP3Transaction_::ah

Definition at line 224 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ buffer

uint8_t* DNP3Transaction_::buffer

Reassembled request buffer.

Definition at line 219 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ buffer_len

uint32_t DNP3Transaction_::buffer_len

Definition at line 220 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ complete

uint8_t DNP3Transaction_::complete

Was the decode complete. It will not be complete if we hit objects we do not know.

Definition at line 227 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ dnp3

struct DNP3State_* DNP3Transaction_::dnp3

Definition at line 217 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ done

uint8_t DNP3Transaction_::done

Definition at line 226 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Referenced by AlertJsonDnp3().

◆ iin

DNP3InternalInd DNP3Transaction_::iin

Definition at line 225 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ is_request

bool DNP3Transaction_::is_request

Is this tx a request?

Definition at line 215 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Referenced by AlertJsonDnp3().

◆ lh

DNP3LinkHeader DNP3Transaction_::lh

Definition at line 222 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ objects

DNP3ObjectList DNP3Transaction_::objects

Definition at line 221 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ th

DNP3TransportHeader DNP3Transaction_::th

Definition at line 223 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ tx_data

AppLayerTxData DNP3Transaction_::tx_data

Definition at line 212 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ tx_num

uint64_t DNP3Transaction_::tx_num

Internal transaction ID.

Definition at line 214 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

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