DNP3State_ Struct Reference

Per flow DNP3 state. More...

#include <app-layer-dnp3.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_HEAD (, DNP3Transaction_) tx_list

Data Fields

AppLayerStateData state_data
uint64_t transaction_max
uint16_t events
uint32_t unreplied
uint8_t flooded
DNP3Buffer request_buffer
DNP3Buffer response_buffer

Detailed Description

Per flow DNP3 state.

Definition at line 238 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

Member Function Documentation


DNP3State_::TAILQ_HEAD ( DNP3Transaction_  )

Field Documentation

◆ curr

DNP3Transaction* DNP3State_::curr

Current transaction.

Definition at line 241 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ events

uint16_t DNP3State_::events

Definition at line 243 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ flooded

uint8_t DNP3State_::flooded

Flag indicating flood.

Definition at line 245 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ request_buffer

DNP3Buffer DNP3State_::request_buffer

Request buffer for buffering incomplete request PDUs received over TCP.

Definition at line 247 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ response_buffer

DNP3Buffer DNP3State_::response_buffer

Response buffer for buffering incomplete response PDUs received over TCP.

Definition at line 250 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ state_data

AppLayerStateData DNP3State_::state_data

Definition at line 239 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ transaction_max

uint64_t DNP3State_::transaction_max

Definition at line 242 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

◆ unreplied

uint32_t DNP3State_::unreplied

Number of unreplied requests.

Definition at line 244 of file app-layer-dnp3.h.

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