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void DetectBsizeRegister (void)
 Registration function for bsize: keyword. More...
int DetectBsizeMatch (const SigMatchCtx *ctx, const uint64_t buffer_size, bool eof)
 bsize match function More...

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◆ DetectBsizeMatch()

int DetectBsizeMatch ( const SigMatchCtx ctx,
const uint64_t  buffer_size,
bool  eof 

bsize match function

ctxmatch ctx
buffer_sizesize of the buffer
eofis the buffer closed?
Return values
r1 match, 0 no match, -1 can't match
check logic around < vs <=

Definition at line 84 of file detect-bsize.c.

References DETECT_BSIZE_EQ, DETECT_BSIZE_GT, DETECT_BSIZE_LT, DETECT_BSIZE_RA, DetectBsizeData::hi, DetectBsizeData::lo, and DetectBsizeData::mode.

◆ DetectBsizeRegister()

void DetectBsizeRegister ( void  )

Registration function for bsize: keyword.

Definition at line 50 of file detect-bsize.c.

References SigTableElmt_::desc, DETECT_BSIZE, SigTableElmt_::Match, SigTableElmt_::name, SigTableElmt_::Setup, sigmatch_table, and SigTableElmt_::url.

Referenced by SigTableSetup().

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