detect-ftpdata.c File Reference
#include "suricata-common.h"
#include "util-unittest.h"
#include "detect-parse.h"
#include "detect-engine.h"
#include "detect-engine-state.h"
#include "app-layer-ftp.h"
#include "detect-ftpdata.h"
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#define PARSE_REGEX   "^\\s*(stor|retr)\\s*$"
 Regex for parsing our keyword options. More...


void DetectFtpdataRegister (void)
 Registration function for ftpcommand: keyword. More...

Detailed Description

Eric Leblond

Match on ftp command used to trigger a ftp data transfer

Definition in file detect-ftpdata.c.

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#define PARSE_REGEX   "^\\s*(stor|retr)\\s*$"

Regex for parsing our keyword options.

Definition at line 41 of file detect-ftpdata.c.

Function Documentation

◆ DetectFtpdataRegister()

void DetectFtpdataRegister ( void  )

Registration function for ftpcommand: keyword.

registers the keyword into the engine. Called from detect.c::SigTableSetup()

This function is called once in the 'lifetime' of the engine.

Definition at line 59 of file detect-ftpdata.c.

References SigTableElmt_::AppLayerTxMatch, SigTableElmt_::desc, DETECT_FTPDATA, SigTableElmt_::name, sigmatch_table, and SigTableElmt_::url.

Referenced by SigTableSetup().

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