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int DetectHttpUriSetup (DetectEngineCtx *, Signature *, const char *)
 this function setups the http_uri modifier keyword used in the rule More...
void DetectHttpUriRegister (void)
 Registration function for keywords: http_uri and http.uri. More...

Detailed Description

Gerardo Iglesias Galvan

Definition in file detect-http-uri.h.

Function Documentation

int DetectHttpUriSetup ( DetectEngineCtx de_ctx,
Signature s,
const char *  str 

this function setups the http_uri modifier keyword used in the rule

de_ctxPointer to the Detection Engine Context
sPointer to the Signature to which the current keyword belongs
strShould hold an empty string always
Return values
0On success
-1On failure

Definition at line 174 of file detect-http-uri.c.

References ALPROTO_HTTP, DETECT_AL_HTTP_RAW_URI, DETECT_AL_HTTP_URI, DetectBufferSetActiveList(), DetectEngineContentModifierBufferSetup(), DetectSignatureSetAppProto(), DetectUrilenApplyToContent(), DetectUrilenValidateContent(), Signature_::id, InspectionBuffer::inspect, InspectionBufferApplyTransforms(), InspectionBufferGet(), InspectionBufferSetup(), HtpTxUserData_::request_uri_normalized, SCEnter, SCLogDebug, str, and unlikely.

Referenced by DetectHttpUriRegister(), and DetectUricontentRegister().

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