detect-ipopts.h File Reference
#include "decode-events.h"
#include "decode-ipv4.h"
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Data Structures

struct  DetectIpOptsData_


typedef struct DetectIpOptsData_ DetectIpOptsData


void DetectIpOptsRegister (void)
 Registration function for ipopts: keyword. More...

Detailed Description

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Function Documentation

void DetectIpOptsRegister ( void  )

Registration function for ipopts: keyword.

Registration function for ipopts: keyword

Definition at line 55 of file detect-ipopts.c.

References SigTableElmt_::desc, DETECT_IPOPTS, DetectIpOptsFree(), DetectSetupParseRegexes(), DOC_URL, DOC_VERSION, SigTableElmt_::Free, IpOptsRegisterTests(), SigTableElmt_::Match, SigTableElmt_::name, PARSE_REGEX, SigTableElmt_::RegisterTests, SigTableElmt_::Setup, sigmatch_table, and SigTableElmt_::url.

Referenced by SigTableSetup().

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