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Data Structures

struct  FlowBucket_


#define FBLOCK_INIT(fb)   SCMutexInit(&(fb)->m, NULL)
#define FBLOCK_DESTROY(fb)   SCMutexDestroy(&(fb)->m)
#define FBLOCK_LOCK(fb)   SCMutexLock(&(fb)->m)
#define FBLOCK_TRYLOCK(fb)   SCMutexTrylock(&(fb)->m)
#define FBLOCK_UNLOCK(fb)   SCMutexUnlock(&(fb)->m)


struct FlowBucket_ __attribute__ ((aligned(CLS))) FlowBucket
 SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE (int32_t, next_ts)
FlowFlowGetFlowFromHash (ThreadVars *tv, DecodeThreadVars *dtv, const Packet *, Flow **)
 Get Flow for packet. More...
void FlowDisableTcpReuseHandling (void)


SCMutex m

Detailed Description

Victor Julien

Definition in file flow-hash.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FBLOCK_DESTROY (   fb)    SCMutexDestroy(&(fb)->m)

Definition at line 67 of file flow-hash.h.

Referenced by FlowShutdown(), and TmModuleFlowRecyclerRegister().

#define FBLOCK_INIT (   fb)    SCMutexInit(&(fb)->m, NULL)

Definition at line 66 of file flow-hash.h.

Referenced by FlowInitConfig(), and TmModuleFlowRecyclerRegister().

#define FBLOCK_LOCK (   fb)    SCMutexLock(&(fb)->m)

Spinlocks or Mutex for the flow buckets.

Definition at line 29 of file flow-hash.h.

#define FBLOCK_TRYLOCK (   fb)    SCMutexTrylock(&(fb)->m)

Definition at line 69 of file flow-hash.h.

Referenced by FlowDisableFlowManagerThread(), and FlowGetFlowFromHash().

#define FBLOCK_UNLOCK (   fb)    SCMutexUnlock(&(fb)->m)

Function Documentation

struct FlowBucket_ __attribute__ ( (aligned(CLS))  )
void FlowDisableTcpReuseHandling ( void  )
Flow* FlowGetFlowFromHash ( ThreadVars tv,
DecodeThreadVars dtv,
const Packet p,
Flow **  dest 

Get Flow for packet.

Hash retrieval function for flows. Looks up the hash bucket containing the flow pointer. Then compares the packet with the found flow to see if it is the flow we need. If it isn't, walk the list until the right flow is found.

If the flow is not found or the bucket was emtpy, a new flow is taken from the queue. FlowDequeue() will alloc new flows as long as we stay within our memcap limit.

The p->flow pointer is updated to point to the flow.

tvthread vars
dtvdecode thread vars (for flow log api thread data)
Return values
fLOCKED flow or NULL

Definition at line 483 of file flow-hash.c.

References Flow_::fb, FBLOCK_LOCK, FBLOCK_TRYLOCK, FBLOCK_UNLOCK, flow_config, FLOW_EMERGENCY, FLOW_END_FLAG_EMERGENCY, FLOW_END_FLAG_FORCED, FLOW_END_FLAG_STATE_BYPASSED, FLOW_END_FLAG_STATE_CLOSED, FLOW_END_FLAG_STATE_ESTABLISHED, FLOW_END_FLAG_STATE_NEW, Flow_::flow_end_flags, flow_hash, Flow_::flow_hash, Packet_::flow_hash, FLOW_STATE_CAPTURE_BYPASSED, FLOW_STATE_CLOSED, FLOW_STATE_ESTABLISHED, FLOW_STATE_LOCAL_BYPASSED, FLOW_STATE_NEW, FlowClearMemory(), FlowInit(), FLOWLOCK_TRYWRLOCK, FLOWLOCK_UNLOCK, FLOWLOCK_WRLOCK, FlowUpdateState(), FlowCnf_::hash_size, Flow_::hnext, Flow_::hprev, DecodeThreadVars_::output_flow_thread_data, OutputFlowLog(), Flow_::protoctx, Flow_::protomap, SC_ATOMIC_ADD, SC_ATOMIC_GET, SC_ATOMIC_SET, SCLogDebug, TcpSessionPacketSsnReuse(), and unlikely.

Referenced by FlowHandlePacket().

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__attribute__::SC_ATOMIC_DECLARE ( int32_t  ,

timestamp in seconds of the earliest possible moment a flow will time out in this row. Set by the flow manager. Cleared to 0 by workers, either when new flows are added or when a flow state changes. The flow manager sets this to INT_MAX for empty buckets.

Variable Documentation

Flow* tail

Definition at line 103 of file flow-hash.h.